AI-based field supervisor for your construction site

Daily construction process insights to improve projects productivity

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How The Field Camera And
Computer Vision Work Together

Viso Field Camera module is easy to set up on the construction site by attaching on the wall and power on. After that, photos from the camera will be sending to Viso Vision cloud service.

The service analyze them with our machine learning algorithm and fetch the construction metrics such as people activities, work progress, issues, and more.


We will store the metrics and provide the API (Application Programming Interface) so you can have direct access to all the data about your construction site.

Furthermore, you can connect the data to your ERP, project management tool, or download it as an Excel file.

Project Data Access Anywhere

The real power of API

Step one
Connect the metrics feed to your smartphone with messengers, mobile apps, email, or web. You will keep abreast all the time about important changes to the project execution.
Step one
Integration with project management and ERP software helps to improve the planning process and daily operations. You will have useful reports from the construction field automatically.
Step one
Use the extracted data to run business analysis, productivity improvements, statistics in your own way. API allows your company to create custom integrations and data processing to achieve business transparency.
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Areas of use cases
Worker Activities Detection

Activities supervising to measure productivity and interruptions. You will be notified when any inappropriate actions are happening on the construction site. Also, you will get weekly reports about activities, workload, and performance.

Progress Tracking

For daily observations you need the field supervisor to check all tasks manually. We will help do it automatically and reduce routine work in the field. Viso Vision will track certain types of work and provide statistics of progress every hour through API.

Issues Of Work Execution

To prevent losses of rework Viso will detect and alert about mistakes, defects, and breaches in procedures. You will get notifications and reports with issues statistics that can be integrated with the quality control process.

The Data You Will Get From Fhe
Construction Site
Progress of work execution
in percents
On-site safety issues alerts
Alerts in case of issues like procedure mistakes or damages
Completion of each stage of the work or task
Environment state
People activities
and workload detection

The story about the future of the construction site observations and project productivity increasing

Early Adopters Special
30 Viso Cam modules included
$ 2490

The bundle with our camera modules and Viso Vision cloud for humanless monitoring the construction site.

As a new customer, you will have a free year of subscription and API access with no functionality limitations.

  • 1 year of the subscription for free
  • Developers API access
  • 30 plug-n-play AI-cameras
  • Project progress monitoring
  • Activity and workload tracking
  • Iussues and defects detection